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Interview in Berlin - Winterthur concert cancelled
a poster for this cancelled concert
Date: 1980-04-07
Location: Berlin, Germany
Attendees: The Police, Detlef Kinsler

The morning after their Berlin concert Detlef Kinsler interviews Stewart Copeland in Berlin, Germany. Stewart is there with his step-son Sven. Andy is there with his wife - he doesn't want to talk, because he thinks Detlef knows all about them anyway. Sting is there with his wife and son - his voice is hoarse and he doesn't want to talk much.

The Police cancelled their concert at the Eulachhalle in Winterthur, Switzerland - because of Sting's voice trouble.

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source: 1980-05 Musik Express / Detlef Kinsler, poster, Police File No. 2, Outlandos newsletter March 1980

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