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1980 03 26 Sting.jpg
a photo from this concert - © Harsh Javeri
1980 03 26 Andy.jpg
a photo from this concert - © Harsh Javeri
1980 03 26 Stewart.jpg
a photo from this concert - © Harsh Javeri
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour
Venue: Rang Bhavan
Location: Mumbai (Bombay), India
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1980-03-26, The Police performed at the Rang Bhavan in Mumbai (Bombay), India.


Among the songs performed were:

Recording information

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In the morning Stewart and Sting had breakfast at the Shamiana Coffee Shop, where Stewart flipped through Melody Maker pages while Sting was reading the Times of India newspaper.

According to Allan Jones's book today the band watched the fight between the mongoose and the snake and then visited the Time and Talents club - the old ladies who had organized today's concert. According to Jeff Seitz all of that was yesterday (as he witnessed it and spent all day at the venue today).

From their hotel Sting and journalist Paul Morley took a taxi to the Rang Bhavan venue. Andy, Stewart and Miles took a limousine with journalist Allan Jones.

The Police performed in an open air venue for about 3000 people, but it's said that 4000 attended. Entry to the venue was granted late as the band had soundcheck problems. The Police raised £5,000 with this charity concert. After the gig Sting relaxed at a party thrown by the last remnant of the British Raj.

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sources: NME - February 23, 1980: one Bombay gig; POLICE FILE no.2; Around The World; photos; The London Evening News; Allan Jones' book "Can't Stand Up For Falling Down: Rock'n'Roll War Stories"; 1980-04-12 NME

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