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The Police fly to the USA
a fake poster for a concert - it's from 1981
ad in today's Record Mirror
Date: 1980-01-19
Location: London, England, UK -> New York, NY, USA - Iroquois Hotel
Attendees: The Police

The Police fly to the USA with the Concorde - probably around 11:15AM (which would mean they arrived in New York at an even earlier local time).

They were already in the Iroquois Hotel, when Kim Turner interviewed new roadie Jeff Seitz there mid-afternoon (for his upcoming two week job as drum tech and additional truck driver - Jeff extended this two week job immensely).

A&M printed a THANKS ad in today's Record Mirror.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, Jeff Seitz, press photo from January 21, 1980 - mentions Sat. Jan. 19 as the date; Police File No. 2 mentions Jan. 18

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