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The Police visit Kennedy Space Center
a photo from today - copyright Linsey Street
Date: 1979-10-23
Location: Orlando, FL, USA - Kennedy Space Center
Attendees: The Police, Linsey Street & friends

The Police film a video for Walking on the Moon at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, FL, USA.

1979 10 23 Andy 1.jpg 1979 10 23 Andy 2.jpg 1979 10 23 autographs.jpg 1979 10 23 The Police 2.jpg 1979 10 23 The Police 3.jpg

There seems to be unused material for the Walking On The Moon video as these photos show Andy Summers (and the whole band in the background of one photo) wearing silver space suits.

The Old Grey Whistle Test TV show from November 13, 1979 features an interview taken at Miami airport just before they leave for today's video shoot. So the few days off before might have been spent in Florida.

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