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The Police perform on German TV show "Bio's Bahnhof"
Sting interview
Only The Wind performance
Rhine-Bow performance
soap bubble finale
Date: 1978-05-18
Location: Cologne, Germany
Attendees: The Police, Alfred Biolek


After another show rehearsal Stewart Copeland buys some sneakers. The TV show Bio's Bahnhof starts at 09:00pm and is broadcast live.

At 9:20pm show host Alfred Biolek introduces the musicians and interviews Sting. The Police then perform the Eberhard Schoener song Only The Wind with Hansi Ströer on keyboards and Eberhard Schoener on synthesizer. The song is about 4:45 minutes long and structured as it is on the record (with a band part, then a moody synthesizer middle part and the whole band again at the end).

At 9:57pm Eberhard Schoener is interviewed and explains the concept of his tour.

At 10:04pm Eberhard Schoener and Sting perform Rhine-Bow - supported by the Laserium show.

The Police are back on stage again (together with every other performer) for the last five minutes of the show, which ended shortly before 10:30pm. Everybody is blowing soap bubbles while a big band performs.

After the TV show there's a dinner party in Cologne followed by visit to a discotheque.

The Police played so well they're promised a 45 minute TV special - which might be the cause for their 1979-01-18 TV concert...

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source: Stewart Copeland 's diary, TV recording

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