The Synchronicity Concert: The Police Live At Le Spectrum

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This official video was filmed at Le Spectrum in Montreal, QC, Canada on 1983-08-02.

"The Synchronicity Concert: The Police Live At Le Spectrum"
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Godley & Creme
Produced by: Steve Howard
Cameras: David Worley, Jim Aquila, Jim Borecki, Jacques Boucher, Richard Cable, Robert Couture, Gilles Guierreau, Rick McVicar, Robert Perreault, Jean Pierre Ruel
Sound: George Gilsbach, Dave Kob, Tony Gallichio, Mike Wolfe, Ed Dracoulis
Edited by: Jim Goessinger, Bob Doughty, Godley & Creme, Jack McAndrew
Filming location(s): Montreal, QC, Canada - Le Spectrum
Broadcast date: 1983-12-31
Running time: 69 1/2 minutes

Video summary

This live video shows The Police at Le Spectrum in Montreal on 1983-08-02. Sadly it's not a complete concert...


The Police originally wanted to realease this as the official concert movie, but were not satisfied with the performance. So Godley & Creme filmed them again at The Omni in Atlanta, GA, USA on 1983-11-02 and 1983-11-03. Some audience shots from today's performance were used for the official release.

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