The Ignerents

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The Ignerents
copyright by Ben Challis
Background information
Origin: B/E/O ORIGIN
Years active: 1977 - 1981
Label(s): Ace Records, Criminal Records, Rundown Records, Incognito Records
Associated acts: The Rivals, Pop Rivets, Oyster Band, Black Cillas
Website: The Ignerents blog
List of members
Former members
List of former members

Band history

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Band members

early 1977 line up:

  • Mark Leighton - guitar
  • Chris Harris - bass
  • Stan Gretsch - drums
  • Ben Challis - vocals
  • Steve Harris - guitar, vocals


1979 7"

  • "Radio Interference" / "Wrong Place Wrong Time" (Ace Records)

1980 compilation "First Offenders"

  • "Harbour Street, I Won't Be There" (Criminal Records)

1981 7" (as "The Beekepers")

  • "Platform 5" / "The Trouble With You" (Rundown Recors)

1994 compilation "Back To Front Vol IV"

  • "Wrong Place Wrong Time" (Incognito Records)

1997 CD "Woodbines, Tears & Jealousy" on Rundown Records

  • Radio Interference
  • I Won't Be There
  • Wrong Place Wrong Time
  • Call Me Irresponsible
  • Harbour Street
  • Commuter Zone
  • Rundown
  • Black Dr Martens
  • I Like You
  • Collector's Item
  • You're So Stupid
  • Uganda Calling
  • The Trouble With You
  • Woodbines, Tears & Jealousy

Studio albums

  • "Woodbines, Tears & Jealousy"

Quotations and Trivia

Stewart Copeland and Glen Tilbrook visited early rehearsals of The Ignerents and produced their very first demos at Oakwood Studios in Whitstable, England, UK.

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sources: Ben Challis, Phil Harris