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Oakwood Studios
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Location: Whitstable, England, UK
Years in operation: YYYY - YYYY

In late 1977 or early 1978 Stewart Copeland visited rehearsals of the band The Ignerents at Graveney Village Hall near Whitstable. Stewart also produced the band's first demos at Oakwood Studios in Whitstable, England, UK.

Their singer Ben Challis remembers:

"In fact Stuart Copeland produced our first demos for Step Forward (his brother's label) with Glen Tilbrook from Squeeze."

" Stuart Copeland and Glen Tilbrook used to drive down to Whitstable to our rehearsals as we were going to record for Miles Copeland's label Step Forward. Sadly I dont have dates or anything like that. We rehearsed at Graveney Village Hall. Somewhere there are / were some photos - Phil Harris our manager took them but I am afraid I dont have any. I think the demos were done at the long defunct Oakwood Studios in Herne Bay in Kent in 1977 I guess. That's about the best I can do, it's a while ago!"

The Ignerents' manager Phil Harris remembers:

"I am pretty certain I didn't take any pictues with Stewart which is a shame. I remember him arriving in a lavender pink VW beetle and helping Stan the drummer with quite a few things. Stan had not been playing for long, and the advice he got from Stewart set him on the right track in so many ways.

One of my favourite memories is of the band performing "Black Dr Martens" with Stewart playing the drums. The barely controlled violence he added to the sound was totally transforming. Nothing was ever recorded unfortunately, so I can't really offer much more information.

I shall try to research the dates for you when I get time, I am pretty sure Glen Tilbrook was in latish '77 and Stewart Copeland was earlyish '78."


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sources: Ben Challis, Phil Harris