Stormy Monday

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Stormy Monday
Directed by: Mike Figgis
Produced by:
Written by: Mike Figgis
Starring: Melanie Griffith, Tommy Lee Jones, Sting, Sean Bean
Music by:
Edited by:
Distributed by:
Release date(s): 1988-04-22 (New York)
Running time: 93 min
Country: UK, USA
Language(s): English
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Plot summary

Stormy Monday is a 1988 film in which Sting plays the part of Finney in dark nightclub-Newcastle, England, UK.


Primary cast members of the film included:

  • Melanie Griffith - Kate
  • Tommy Lee Jones - Cosmo
  • Sting - Finney
  • Sean Bean - Brendan
  • James Cosmo - Tony
  • Mark Long - Patrick
  • Brian Lewis - Jim


Filming took place in the Newcastle area between 1987-07-05 and 1987-08-22.


Stormy Monday was first released on 1988-04-22 in New York.

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  • Stormy Monday @ IMDB
  • ad in the Newcastle Journal - June 26, 1987 (shooting dates July 5 - August 16)
  • UK newspapers (shooting until August 22)