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Background information
Origin: London, England, UK
Years active: 1970
Label(s): none
Associated acts: Rupert's People
Website: none
Terry Poole
John Tout
Stewart Copeland

Band history

Stewart Copeland played drums for Stonefeather during a tour of France in the summer of 1970.

The band featured former members of Rupert's People, who used to rehearse in the Copeland house in St. John's Wood - with Miles Copeland being their manager. Rod Lynton thought of a this new name for Rupert's People as the psychedelic era was gone by then. When Miles Copeland sacked their drummer Steve Brendell Rod quit the band, too, which left Stonefeather without a guitarist and a drummer, until Stewart became a member.

Stonefeather started their French concerts with a performance at the Revolution Club in Paris. The band's booking agent Jean Besnard travelled with them from Paris to St. Tropez with Ian Copeland as a driver. In St. Tropez the band played in a night club for two weeks, then performed for another two weeks at a club in Hyeres. They finished the summer in France with another concert at the Revolution Club in Paris, before returning to London.

During guitarist auditions in St. John's Wood Gordon Giltrap and Lez Nichols and a host of other guitarists were playing with the band, but according to Terry Poole's memory they didn't do the French tour. And Rod Lynton may have left before that tour...

Band members

  • Terry Poole - bass / vocals
  • Les Nicol - lead guitar
  • John Tout - keyboards
  • Stewart Copeland - drums
  • Marsha Hunt - conga drums
  • Bobby Stignac - percussion (vanished after the first concert at the Revolution Club)



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