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For this documentary Stewart Copeland used Super-8 material he filmed in 1982.

"So What"
1984 flyer
Artists: Anti-Nowhere League, Chron Gen, Chelsea, The Defects
Directed by: Stewart Copeland
Produced by: Stewart Copeland
Edited by: Stewart Copeland
Filming location(s): England, UK
Initial release date: 1984-02-08 (New York's world premiere)
Running time: 35 minutes
Label: LABEL

Video summary

This 35 minute documentary about the Anti-Nowhere League UK tour was filmed by Stewart Copeland between 1982-05-21 and 1982-06-06.


With his Super-8 camera Stewart Copeland filmed musicians and punks during the Anti-Nowhere League UK tour. The first concert was on 1982-05-21 at the Apollo in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Filming ended at the 1982-06-06 concert at the Lyceum in London, England, UK. Several concerts near the end of that tour were cancelled because band members (and Stewart, too) became ill.

It was screened on 1982-10-13 at the Marquee in London before a Chelsea concert.

On 1984-02-09 during the Late Night TV show it's mentioned that the movie had its world premiere on 1984-02-08 (at the 8th Street Playhouse), with Stewart absent as he had to play a concert.

In an interview at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago (either 1984-02-18 or 1984-02-19) Stewart Copeland mentioned that this documentary was already shown in arty theatres in New York and would soon come to Chicago and Los Angeles.

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
1984 So What flyer.jpg 1984-02-08 (New York's world premiere) USA double feature English various cinema screenings in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles

Quotations and trivia

The Making of "So What" was broadcast on 1984-04-29 on MTV's "The Cutting Edge"..

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