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Andy signs Throb books in Chicago / The Police record their live set in a studio
a photo from the recording setup - copyright Universal Recording Corporation / Steven Frisk
a photo from the recording session - copyright Universal Recording Corporation / Steven Frisk
Date: 1984-02-18
Location: Chicago, IL, USA - Kroch's & Brentano's (Randhurst) / Universal Recording Corporation (studio A)
Attendees: The Police, Jeff Seitz, Danny Leake (recording engineer), Ted Blaisdell (assistant engineer), Rich Breen (URC employee), George ...

Andy Summers signs Throb books and leaves with a shopping bag full of gifts, such as flowers and cookies. As his limousine got lost on its way to Randhurst the real Chicago Police escorted him back to the expressway.

The Police went into Universal Recording Corporation (studio A) in Chicago and recorded their live set.

Jeff Seitz remembers: "I recall that on a day off during the Synchronicity tour, we loaded in to a Chicago recording studio with the entire stage setup: risers, monitors and all. The idea was to capture the band's onstage performance in their prime, with minimal vocals, with the intent of adding them later. The date was 02/18/1984. Sting was not singing at performance level to save his voice. We were in the middle of the tour and had a show the night before and two back to backs coming up."

Only parts of this recording session are in circulation - previously known as "Synchronicity rehearsals" - supposedly from either from Scranton, PA or Lititz, PA (where The Police's sound company was located).

While staying at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago, Stewart was interviewed for Downbeat magazine's May 1984 edition.

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Jeff Seitz: "At 29:05 Sting says, "start again.....shall we roll back and start again?" etc. That statement kind of confirms that this was the Chicago recording studio, as analogue tape recorders were in use (for all you millennials out there) and "roll back" was the term used for a restart. Also, you can hear tape recording machine starts and stops and possibly some edits. Also, after listening further at 41:16 Sting says, "is the tape rolling, Danny?", which further confirms the recording studio memory."


source: personal information; Chicago Sun Times - February 22, 1984; Jeff Seitz; photo and credits on Universal Recording Corporation's facebook page; Downbeat - May 1984

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