Police In Montserrat

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This video was filmed while The Police recorded Ghost In The Machine on the island of Montserrat in July 1981.

"Police In Montserrat"
Outlandos Fan Club news announcing the 1981 BBC1 broadcast
a flyer announcing the BBC1 broadcast - provided by Wieger de Ruiter
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Derek Burbidge
Produced by: PRODUCER
Cameras: CAMERAS
Sound: SOUND
Edited by: EDITOR
Filming location(s): AIR Studios, Montserrat
Broadcast date: 1981-12-19
Running time: 47 minutes

Video summary

In July 1981 Jools Holland flew to Montserrat to interview (and perform with) the members of The Police while they were recording Ghost In The Machine.

(a banner in the opening shots promotes a convention that went from July 14-19, so Jools probably was on Montserrat before July 19)

It was first broadcast on BBC1 at 5:10PM on 1981-12-19 - billed as "The Police - Montserrat '81" (40 minutes long).

It was officially released as a 47 minute bonus movie on Every Breath You Take: The DVD on 2003-04-07.


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