Pete Cornish Pedalboard

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Pete Cornish Pedalboard
Pete Cornish Pedalboard.jpg
The Pete Cornish Pedalboard on 1980-01-21
Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: The Police
Time gear used: 1979 - YYYY


Andy Summers' pedalboard was built by Pete Cornish in January 1979 - its first known use being the 1979-02-06 TV performance (but we don't know anything about the 1979-02-02 performance yet...)

Gear breakdown

The pedalboard originally featured a Pete Cornish fuzz but in mid 1979 that was replaced with an MXR distortion. Here are the effects that the board contained on 1979-03-20 (as described in International Musician And Recording World - July 1979):

  • MXR Phase 90
  • MXR Compressor
  • MXR Fuzz
  • Electric Mistress Flanger
  • MXR Dynacomp
  • Cornish Fuzz
  • Mutron III Envelope Filter
  • automatic wah-wah

In a 1982 Rolling Stone issue it's mentioned that the board still has the MXR Phase 90, an analogue delay, compressor and the Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger. The fuzz and the Mutron III Envelope Filter are still in place, but not used anymore.

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