Masoko Tanga

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"Masoko Tanga"
Cover of Outlandos d'Amour, the 1978 album featuring Masoko Tanga.
Recorded by The Police
Released: 1978
Recorded: January-March 1978
Length: 5:40
Album(s): Outlandos d'Amour
Label(s): A&M
Writer(s): Sting
Producer(s): The Police
Studio(s): Surrey Sound Studios
Released as single? NO

"Masoko Tanga" is a song written by Sting and recorded by The Police in 1978.

About the song

In 1979-05 Sweet Potato Sting mentions how the lyrics came to be:

"Masoko Tanga is also an indulgent experiment in the same sort of vein (he was talking about Be My Girl, Sally before that). It's the result of an experiment by the group and a professor of paraphysics, who is famous for putting people under hypnosis, and under hypnosis they relive incidents from what seem to be past lives. That song I sang in a language I'd never heard; I don't know what it means."


Release History


Masoko Tanga" appears on the following album releases:

Cover art Album title Release date Release country
Police-album-outlandosdamour.jpg Outlandos d'Amour 1978-11-02 United Kingdom
Police-album-messageinaboxthecompleterecordings.jpg Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings 1993-09-30 United Kingdom


Lyrics are property and copyright of their owners, and provided here for educational purposes only.

The song lyrics consist of ad-libbed chanting. The lyrics below, provided by Jake Keel, were included with the original Japanese vinyl release of Outlandos d'Amour. The Japanese distributor just paid an English speaker to interpret the lyrics, but they are as close to "official" as has been found.

The lyrics also contained a footnote warning that the song illustrates the negative effects of drug use.

One, two, one, two, three, four 
Ohhhhh da la la 
Don't ba bose da la lomb ba bay 
Ping pong da la zoe da la la low 
People know what de lee do da day 
Key wo wa di com la day wa da 
Co wa da zu ma pu wa all day 
See po wa ta na po ba ba 
Zoe ka mo wa I've been sleepin' all day 
Took a lot of drugs, watch the tide roll out 
Day light na no ma do la 
Keep the sugar warmed up, hey! 
Keyboard is a mo day la 
Keyboard is a mo day la 
A key word is a mo way la 
Key wa wo day wa wo I've been 
Kicking a wall baby cos' I'm gay 
I broke all ma wa tay lay doe 
(Ahhh) People are ghosts. Ah my my! Go away. 
I pissed on my wall or my door 
I'm pissed so no wa though I gave my love away 
I'll come back though threw a sonar 
I pissed on my walk on my ass all day 
I stumble back home passed my door 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
They all know what 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
The mess in my way 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
I'm called Mr. Wombat 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
Pissed all the day 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
Key from my Wombat 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
He stood in my way 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
Key from wild baby 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
He took my wah 
Ma wa ba wa ta la throw away 
To ma ba sue le dah (Oh!) 
Don't know why my white car won't stay clean 
I don't know for what I do? 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh Oh (ow!) 
(vocal's fade) 
Oh Oh Oh Oh 

Quotations and trivia

In 1982-09 Guitar Player Andy mentions Masoko Tanga: "I've played piano on that. It's just like my forearm on the piano and then playing the tape backwards while you record it. Great sound."

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