Klein Electric Guitar

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Klein Electric Guitar
1991 02 Guitar Player ad.jpg
an ad for Klein Electric Guitars in Guitar Player - February 1991
1996 01 GuitarEtBass cover.jpg
The black Klein Electric Guitar on the cover of 1996-01 Guitar & Bass
Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: Andy Summers
Time gear used: YYYY - YYYY


Andy Summers used two Klein Electric Guitars for concerts in the '90s.

Photos from 1990 / 1991 show him playing a black one, by 1996 he had gotten a white one, too.

He also lists one as equipment used to record First You Build A Cloud.

He played the black one again on 2005-02-23.

Gear breakdown

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Quotations and trivia

"I use a Steve Klein guitar most of the time now. I got one three or four years ago, Steve brought six over to me and I got this one off him and it's an absolute killer. I guess with guitars you maybe get two or three out of however many you have that really cut it and really, since I actually played the Telecaster in The Police, this is the guitar I've used. The Klein is made of wood and Steve uses a very dense wood for the neck - I can't think what it's called, but it's almost like graphite. The whole thing is a warmer sound than a Steinberger, which I also really like and it jus sits very well, it's a fabulous guitar."

from "Guitarist" - August 1995 (with an interview that took place shortly after July 20, 1995)

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