It's My Life

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"It's My Life"
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Performed by The Police
Performed: 1977
Writer(s): Roger Atkins & Carl D'Errico

"It's My Life" is a song written by Roger Atkins & Carl D'Errico in 1965 and performed by The Police in 1977.

About the song

The song was written for The Animals, a group which Andy Summers would join in 1966. The Police covered this song in early 1977 even before Andy Summers was about to become a band member.


This song was played while Henry Padovani was still in The Police.

Quotations and trivia

This was one of the earliest songs The Police played in 1977. So far there are three concerts known where this song was definitely played: 1977-03-06 at The Nashville Room in London, 1977-03-28 at the Palais des Glaces in Paris and 1977-08-05 at Mont de Marsan.

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