Horse Opera

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Horse Opera
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Basic information
Appearance by: Stewart Copeland
Director: Bob Baldwin
Producer: Debbie Mason
Author: Anne Caulfield
LIbretto: Jonathan Moore
Original network: Channel 4
Appearance date(s): YYYY-MM-DD (- YYYY-MM-DD)
Runtime: 52 minutes
Country: England, UK
Language: English
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The Horse Opera was based on Anne Caulfield's original play "Cowboys". She also wrote the first draft of the story - with uncredited story input by director Bob Baldwin.

The production took place in Tucson, AZ, USA and in London, England, UK in 1993. It was the first collaboration between Stewart Copeland and Jonathan Moore.

  • Johnson – Michael Attwell
  • Wyatt Earp – Rik Mayall
  • Sandra/Marion – Gina Bellman
  • George – Philip Guy-Bromley
  • Colin – Silas Carson
  • Jesse James – Stewart Copeland
  • Teresa – Siobhan McCarthy
  • Billy the Kid – Jonathan Moore
  • Preacher – Edward Tudor-Pole
  • Chorus – William J. Fisher
  • Indian warrior – Jon Proudstar

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