Gibson Chet Atkins CE

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Gibson Chet Atkins CE
1988 04 27 Ciao 2001 cover.jpg
The Gibson Chet Atkins CE on the cover of 1988-04-27 Ciao 2001
Artist: Andy Summers / Sting
Band or ensemble: The Police / Sting
Time gear used: 1983 - YYYY


In 1983-06 Musician Andy Summers says that he "recently" got this guitar and used it on the Synchronicity album. Apparently his instrument was made and acquired in 1982.

Andy Summers plays this guitar in the Wrapped Around Your Finger video. Andy used it again on Top Of The Pops on 1983-05-19.

It can also be heard on the Bewitched album.

Sting used several guitars during his first two solo tours.

Dominic Miller used one to record Ten Summoner's Tales.

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