Dantalian's Chariot

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Dantalian's Chariot
Chariot Rising CD
Background information
Origin: London, England, UK
Years active: 1967 / 1968
Label(s): various
Associated acts: Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Andy Summers
Zoot Money
Pat Donaldson
Colin Allen
Former members

Band history

Dantalian's Chariot existed from July 1967 until April 1968 and were a direct continuation of Zoot Money's Big Roll Band with only a slight change in personnel.

The band made more contemporary psychedelic music.

Their concerts were unique. The band dressed in white and used white instruments thus being a canvas for their expensive light show.

Dantalian's Chariot only released one single. They recorded songs for an LP that would have been called Transition. But their record company decided not to release the album as such and released a Zoot Money LP with the same name - with songs that were recorded over the previous year.

Dantalian's Chariot's songs seemed to be lost until in 1995 an LP and in 1996 a CD with a different tracklist were released: Chariot Rising.

Band members

  • Zoot Money - vocals, keyboards
  • Andy Summers - guitar, sitar, backing vocals
  • Pat Donaldson - bass, backing vocals
  • Colin Allen - drums, backing vocals


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