Château Marouatte

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Château Marouatte
a session with Greg Wells in September 1997 - copyright by Denny Scott
Derek Holt with Stewart Copeland at Château Marouatte in May 1999 - copyright by Derek Holt
Stewart Copeland with Roger Biwandu at Château Marouatte in May 2001 - copyright by Roger Biwandu
Location: Grand-Brassac, France
Years in operation: 1992 - YYYY

Stewart Copeland wrote and recorded several songs at Château Marouatte in September 1997, May 1999 and May 2001.


After the Château Marouatte was bought by Miles Copeland the castle was used for songwriter meetings twice a year. Stewart Copeland attended at least three of those. Sting just spent one night there as a guest.

Recording history

The following Police and related albums or songs were recorded at this studio:

Album (or song) title Artist or band Producer Release year
I Can't Stop Stewart Copeland, Jim Vallance & Sovory PRODUCER(S) 1997
Everything Howard Jones, Stewart Copeland Howard Jones 1998

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