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Program for An Evening With Stewart Copeland, where "Celeste" was premiered.
Basic information
Composed by: Stewart Copeland
Composed in: 2007
Length: Approx. 5:42 minutes
Premiere date: 2008-03-26
Premiere venue: Trustees Theater
Premiere location: Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.


"Celeste" is a composition by Stewart Copeland for violin, piano and drums. It is named after Stewart's third daughter.


"Celeste" was commissioned by Daniel Hope for the Savannah Music Festival, after Daniel and Stewart met for the filming of Durch die Nacht mit... ("Into the Night with...") in 2006. Its premiere performance consisted of Daniel Hope on violin, Stewart Copeland on drums, and Sebastian Knauer on piano.

Performance history

Quotations and trivia

  • In the program for An Evening With Stewart Copeland, Stewart provides the following description of the piece, or more precisely the inspiration behind it:<ref>Performance program. "An Evening With Stewart Copeland." Savannah Music Festival, Savannah Georgia. 2008.</ref>

"Right now, she is sneaking into her big sisters' rooms to play with their toys. She is the Princess of Siam."

  • In their review of the piece in the New York Times, Vivien Schweitzer says:<ref>Vivien Schweitzer. "Into the Classical Arena, in the Spirit of a Jam Band." New York Times 28 Mar. 2008.</ref>

"The work, dedicated to his youngest daughter, sounded more like a spirited jam session than a formally notated classical piece. After a declaratory concertolike opening followed by a jazzy melody, Mr. Hope’s wildly energetic fiddling intertwined with the syncopations of Mr. Copeland’s drumming, with a few lively rhythmic exchanges between the three musicians unfolding throughout."

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