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  • in March 1990 Sting walked through Central Park a lot, still without lyrics (various 1991 magazines)
  • in spring - Stewart was in Argentina to play polo and buy a new polo pony
  • in June - Stewart is was back at his Buckinghamshire farmhouse - spending the summer there
  • around June / July - Sting is in Italy (Pisa) to record the vocals for The Soul Cages with the Voyager Mobile Recording Unit - maybe this went on until early September (when apparently their baby was christened in Pisa)
  • according to a facebook post he flew there from Paris !
  • Soundcheck magazine October 1990: looks like recording in Italy was done after the world cup final (July 8, 1990) for a few weeks, as they chose to visit with a distance to the final and to the end of recording there
  • around September - Sting will mix the record in West London, before leaving for America (probably to Malibu)
  • early 1991 magazines suggest that Sting also did final LP mixes in Los Angeles and also produced a jazz singer there... --CREEM Feb 91 with an interview from Malibu early Nov. while producing Vinx
  • mid-September - Stewart flew from London to the States to work on the Fort Worth production of Holy Blood and Crescent Moon - and composing / recording music for a Nissan spot - it seems he stayed there until December
  • (all Outlandos newsletters - June and September 1990)

After having a lasagna Sting's manager gave a The Soul Cages DAT cassette to Vinnie to which he listened to for about forty-five minutes. Then they sat down to play some songs, the first being Every Breath You Take and then some other Police material. Then they played The Soul Cages songs. all in all about 90 minutes - just Sting, Dominic Miller, and Vinnie.

A day and a half later he was confirmed as Sting's new drummer. Vinnie went to England, the new band rehearsed for five days. About two days into rehearsal, Peter Gabriel showed up and they rehearsed for the upcoming Amnesty concerts in South America.

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