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  • Billboard - Feb. 13: Stewart is shown on TV show TWO ON THE TOWN with Richard Bey (WCBS in New York)
  • in early March Sting performed I Shall Be Released on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show (Outlandos newsletter March 1982)
  • according to the book "Demolition Man" Trudie had moved in with Sting by March 5
  • returning from the USA end of April - Sting: a few weeks at home before a holiday on his own on Jamaica (Outlandos newsletter June 1982) - he stayed at Goldeneye and was there when the Falkland war was still going on (April 2 - June 20, 1982 - mentioned in Lyrics 10/07)
  • International Musician & Recording World - September 1982: Andy - another five days at Basing Street up here to round off and have another go at it...
  • Belfast Telegraph - Thursday 27 May 1982 mentions that Sting has sold the Roundstone house after receiving a threatening letter (or more)
  • Alain Fournier - Shepton Mallet rehearsal photo from 14.07.1982 said to be with Stewart...

(Fast Eddie had just left Motörhead - May 14, 1982 !) (referenced in NME - August 7, 1982)

  • Brian Mellor visits a still jet-lagged Sting at his Hampstead home after the US tour - he's working with a piano player at home (Time Out - October 22, 1982)
  • between Sept. 23 and Oct. 10 Sting got rid of his large right earring
  • Sting at ASCAP Dinner for members of Britain's PRS - getting 3 awards - around end October / early November ? (Billboard clipping)

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