Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police

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Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police
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Directed by: Lauren Lazin, Andy Grieve
Produced by: Brett Morgen, Bob Yari, Nicolas Cage, Norman Golightly
Written by: Andy Summers
Starring: The Police
Music by: The Police, Andy Summers
Edited by: Andy Grieve
Distributed by: OTL Distribution
Release date(s): 2013-06-26 (The Netherlands)
Running time: 82 minutes
Country: USA
Language(s): English

Plot summary

In this movie Andy Summers tells his story from a childhood in England to becoming a superstar as The Police's guitarist.

A camera team follows Andy on 2007-06-23, the day of the Dodger Stadium concert.

The Police are first shown at their peak on 1983-12-31 at their last UK concert for a while, followed by cryptic remarks by the band members how long the band will take a break.

"27 years later" (sic!) and it's 2007-02-12 when the band announces their reunion tour. From here on Andy tells the story in chronological flashbacks: his youth in wartime England, his first guitar, his first bands, his years in Los Angeles, his return to England and finally meeting Sting and Stewart Copeland, the success of The Police, his interest in photography...

It doesn't cover any of Andy's solo activities between The Police's split and reunion.

The movie finishes with the opening seconds of The Police's final UK concert on 2008-06-29.

The movie uses a lot photographs (most of them Andy's), TV clips, flyers, tickets and press clippings to illustrate Andy's narration. Most of the old The Police clips are from well known releases, but there are a few rare clips.

Don't believe all the dates Andy mentions - check the PoliceWiki for facts :)




The first director Laurie Lazin filmed the reunion tour footage. The film was originally supposed to be called One Train Later just as Andy's book - with a possible release date for 2008, then 2011... The film's structure was confusing, so with an additional director and a new title the movie was finally finished in 2012.


The movie premiered on 2012-11-09 at the SVA Theatre in New York, NY, USA and was eventually released on DVD and Bluray in The Netherlands on 2013-06-26.

Video and DVD releases

Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Cant Stand Losing You Surviving The Police bluray 2013.jpg 2013-06-26 The Netherlands Bluray (region code free) / DVD (region code 2) English optional Dutch subtitles
40px 2014-05-27 Japan Bluray English ??
Cant Stand Losing You Surviving The Police bluray USA 2015.jpg 2015-07-14 USA Bluray (codefree) / DVD English Featurette, commentary, Q&A video, trailers, photo gallery, English subtitles

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