Bridge To Havana

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This is a documentary about the project "Music Bridges... Over Trobled Waters" - a week in Havana in March 1999 where international musicians worked with Cuban musicians.

"Bridge To Havana"
Artist: various - incl. Andy Summers & Stewart Copeland
Directed by: Joel Gelderman
Producers: Marc Bennett, David C. Levy
Edited by: Daniel Jacobson
Filming location(s): Havana, Cuba
Initial release date: 2004-06-29
Running time: 57:00
Label: Pyramid

Video summary

On 1999-03-21 Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland flew to Havana, Cuba with a lot of other international musicians for the project "Music Bridges... Over Troubled Waters". A documentary of this week long collaboration with Cuban musicians was eventually released on this DVD in 2004.

Stewart can only be seen briefly on this DVD. He left Cuba after only a few days, while Andy Summers' performance at the concert on 1999-03-28 is at least partly included on track 10: Esto Es Pa Gozar.

There's also a CD with the same name without any performance / recording of Andy or Stewart!


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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
40px 2004-06-29 Country DVD (Regions ?? / PAL/NTSC ??) English Special features

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source: Alan Roy Scott,, Rogier van der Gugten