Aria Pro II PE-1000

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Aria Pro II PE-1000
1979 03 03 Sounds Aria ad.jpg
an Andy Summers ad for this guitar from SOUNDS - March 3, 1979
Artist: Andy Summers
Band or ensemble: The Police / Andy Summers
Time gear used: 1978 - 1979


Andy Summers used this guitar for two TV performances with The Police. He played it on The Police's "The Old Grey Whistle Test" TV performance on 1978-10-02 and on the band's yet unreleased first appearance on "Top Of The Pops" (to promote Can't Stand Losing You) around the same time. It was a replacement guitar on stage at the Electric Ballroom concert on 1978-11-25.

He played a similar one on the 1979-02-08 TV performance in Germany - with white pick-ups. This guitar was his second guitar on stage up until at least 1979-04-08.

Sounds magazine from September 1, 1979 mentions that he owns an Aria Pro II semi-acoustic and two more Arias.

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