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Sting was a guest on TV shows in Hamburg
a photo from the Schellfischposten - copyright Heiko Weßling / Hamburg Prominent
Date: 2019-06-05
Location: Hamburg, Germany - Studio im Phoenixhof / Zum Schellfischposten
Attendees: Sting, Markus Lanz, Ina Müller, Sarah Connor

Sting was a guest at the "Markus Lanz" TV show at the "Studio im Phoenixhof" in Hamburg, Germany. The show would be broadcast the next day.

Later that day he was a guest at "Inas Nacht" TV show at the pub "Zum Schellfischposten" - he was interviewed and performed short versions of Every Breath You Take, Roxanne and Fields Of Gold. During the interview it's mentioned that a bus was waiting outside to take him to Hannover... This TV show was broadcast on July 21, 2019.

However a newspaper mentioned that Sting finished the day at the Italian restaurant "Cuneo" in the Davidstraße in Hamburg' St. Pauli district.

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