2014-09-27 (Henry Padovani)

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2014 09 27 concert Toni Carbo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Toni Carbó
2014 09 27 setlist Toni Carbo.jpg
today's setlist - provided by Toni Carbó
Performance summary
Artist performing: Henry Padovani
Tour: ---
Venue: Dome of the Hotel Hesperia Tower
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Support acts: ---
Ticket prices: 76 Euro

On 2014-09-27, Henry Padovani performed at the Dome of the Hotel Hesperia Tower in Barcelona, Spain.


Recording information

There's a private recording of this 45 minute concert.


Henry also attended FC Barcelona's football game at Nou Camp at 6pm.

Although Juliette Greco's La Javanaise was on the setlist it was not played during the concert - which took place at the hotel's 29th floor in front of about 100 people.

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sources: Spanish internet pages, Henry Padovani on facebook (Nou Camp), Toni Carbó