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Sting is interviewed in Tokyo
Sting with British radio broadcaster Guy Perryman in Tokyo - copyright Guy Perryman
Date: 2003-10-30
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Attendees: Sting, Guy Perryman

Sting is interviewed by Guy Perryman in Tokyo, Japan. He had been to Bali the previous two weeks and stayed in Tokyo for a day.

Although Guy Perryman mentions that Sting only stayed in Tokyo for a day and then flew back to the UK, it seems that he did some more promotional work in Asia. Sting was in Japan at the Universal Japan Conference where he appeared with Hayley Westenra, Busted and Lene (from Aqua) - the date has yet to be found.

On 2003-11-02 Sting was busy promoting his new record in Hong Kong, China.

So Sting might have been back in the UK somewhere between that date and his next known TV appearance in Germany on 2003-11-07.

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source: Guy Perryman interview