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Sting performs Until at Today Show
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Date: 2001-12-07
Location: New York, NY, USA (probably)
Attendees: Sting

Sting performed Until at the "Today Show" in New York, NY, USA (probably).

In the FRIENDS episode "The One With Monica's Boots" (broadcast on 2001-12-06) Trudie Styler plays herself.

Phoebe learns that Sting's son "Jack" and Ross' son Ben go to the same school, but have problems with each other. At school she pretends to be Ben's mother and finds out Sting's address. Trudie Styler is at home (in a set dressed with several private Sting family photos) when Phoebe visits. When it becomes clear that Phoebe is just after tickets for Sting's Friday concert in New York, Trudie triggers an alarm and tells Phoebe "Any minute now, the police will be here!". Phoebe replies: "The Police? Here? A reunion? Ooh!".

At the end of the show Ross shows Phoebe two Sting tickets he managed to get the normal way. The tickets are for a Sting show at Madison Square Garden - today.

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source: Sting.com's 2010 calendar

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