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Sting performs on Saturday Night Live in New York
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Date: 1996-02-24
Location: New York, NY, USA
Attendees: Sting

As the Yoga centre was closed, Sting goes to a pub first thing in the morning. Around 10am he enjoys a full English breakfast while watching a football match from Britain in "The British Open" pub down by the 59th Street Bridge.

Back at home Sting eats fish for lunch, followed by a walk in Central Park afterwards.

At 4:00pm Sting is present for some more Saturday Night Live run-throughs.

James Taylor watched the actual show, where Sting's band performs Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot and You Still Touch Me and he also plays a few sketches. Sting and Trudie dropped him at his hotel and didn't go to an after-show party, because of Trudie's crutches.

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source: Q magazine - May 1996, internet (see External links)

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