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Sting rehearses in New York
a screenshot from the Late Night TV show
Date: 1996-02-22
Location: New York, NY, USA
Attendees: Sting

7:00am - Sting wakes up. He went downtown to a yoga class at the Shiva Mukti Yoga Centre. He returns to his Central Park West apartment and has breakfast.

Before lunch he'll do two press interviews.

After eating Couscous parcels with mushroom and salad he walks to SIR Studios on 52nd Street where he arrives at 2:00pm. He does two TV interviews (CNN and Entertainment Tonight) and rehearsed with his band until 9:00pm. After stopping at a local Irish bar for a pint Sting arrives at home around 10:30pm. After watching a video he's in bed around 11:30pm, taking Melatonin.

The episode guide for the Late Night show with Conan O'Brien also lists a show with Sting for today (confirmed by the Outlandos Fan Club"'s Sting - Professional Diary 1985-2002").

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source: Q magazine - May 1996

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