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1989 05 25 photo ad.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright James Cumpsty
1989 05 25 ticket Dietmar.jpg
a ticket for this concert
1989 05 25 NME ad.jpg
an ad for this concert in NME - May 20, 1989
Performance summary
Artist performing: Animal Logic
Tour: 1989 Animal Logic European Tour
Venue: Town & Country Club
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: Cry Before Dawn
Ticket prices: 6,50 UK pounds

On 1989-05-25, Animal Logic performed at the Town & Country Club in London, England, UK.


Recording information

This concert was filmed and broadcast on ITV on September 22, 1989.

Today's live version of Lopsy Lu would become the B-Side of the UK's Someday We'll Understand single - released on 1989-08-14.


The concert was reviewed in Melody Maker - June 10, 1989.

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source: ticket; ad in NME - May 20, 1989; Animal Logic website (see external links); photos; Outlandos newsletter - October 1989; single with press sheet and release date sticker; Rüdiger Höckel (setlist)

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