1984-05 Smash Hits

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Smash Hits
Article title: Wall Of Police
Artist or band featured: Stewart Copeland
Year: 1984
Month: May
Country (or countries) of publication: USA
Language(s): English
Author/interviewer: Rich Sutton
Length of feature: 3 pages + cover + lyrics

In May 1984, Stewart Copeland was featured in Smash Hits.


The article deals with Stewart Copeland's collaboration with Stan Ridgway. Don't ask why Sting is on the cover then...

Quotes and noteworthy content

1984 05 Smash Hits 01.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 02.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 03.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 04.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 05.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 06.jpg 1984 05 Smash Hits 07.jpg

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