1984-01 Guitare & Claviers

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Guitare & Claviers
1984 01 GuitareEtClaviers.jpg
Article title: Quand Le Rock A Le Beau Rôle
Artist or band featured: Sting & others
Year: 1984
Month: January
Country (or countries) of publication: France
Language(s): French
Author/interviewer: ---
Length of feature: small news bit about The Police + tiny paragraph about Sting in larger movie article + cover

In January 1984, Sting was featured in Guitare & Claviers.


If you bought this magazine for its cover and thought there'd be lots about Sting in it: too bad... There's only a tiny paragraph about the actor Sting in a larger report about actors in movies. The Police are mentioned in the news section.

Most interesting is why they thought Michael Jackson was in Dune as well...

Quotes and noteworthy content

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