1978-10-19 (Sting)

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Sting shoots Quadrophenia scenes in London
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Date: 1978-10-19
Location: London, England, UK
Attendees: Sting

Sting shoots scenes for Quadrophenia in London, England, UK.

  • location #1 Aquarium Scene (Royalty Ballroom, London)
  • location #2 The Club Scene (The Basement Club, London)
  • Wardrobe on set at 8:15am
  • (Wardrobe for Location #1: In Cinema opposite the Royalty Ballroom)
  • (Wardrobe for Location #2: In Shaftesbury Hotel)
  • Make Up: 8:30am
  • On Set: 9:00am

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sources: Quadrophenia call sheet for today

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