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Stewart and Sting are at Utopia Studios
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Date: 1978-02-22
Location: London, England, UK
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Sting

Stewart Copeland goes to the office but Miles Copeland isn't there. He's running some errands and notices that "The Moors Murderers" single he produced is single of the week in SOUNDS magazine. Stewart's review of the Premier Trilok is also featured in that magazine on a whole page! Stewart collects Klark Kent posters and a Police master tape and then heads home. Sting and Stewart (Andy isn't mentioned) are at Utopia Studios to cut Roxanne at 07:00pm. The master tape Stewart had received contains the unedited version, so this would be a waste of time. Stewart drives Sting home.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary - according to internet sources "The Moors Murderers" two tracks that Stewart produced were never officially released as a single - there was an acetate and probably some tapes that the SOUNDS reviewer might have heard...

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