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1978 01 22 Police Jill Furmanovsky promotional photo.jpg
a promotional A&M photo from today - taken by Jill Furmanovsky
1978 01 22 poster Jeroen Beynon.jpg
a poster for this concert - provided by Jeroen Beynon
1978 01 22 SOUNDS ad.jpg
an ad for this concert from SOUNDS - January 21, 1978
1978 02 04 Sounds Marquee review.png
review from Sounds - February 4, 1978
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1977-1978 Pre-Outlandos performances
Venue: The Marquee
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: Nick Leigh
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 0,65

On 1978-01-22, The Police performed at the Marquee in London, England, UK.


Three O'Clock Shit was played.

Recording information

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Stewart Copeland gets up at noon. Sting picks him up. Together they drive to Andy Summers with a truck and from there to Surrey Sound Studios to pick up their equipment.

The soundcheck at the Marquee lasts from 05:30pm to 07:00pm. The Police played from 09:15pm to 10:15pm in front of about 250 punks.

Miles Copeland saw them play their last three numbers. They earned 69 UK pounds today. After the gig they drive their equipment to Sting's and Andy's place.

"The Moors Murderers" singer (Steve Strange) contacted Stewart. Stewart replied that if his record was good he could get it out.

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source: Stewart Copeland's diaries; ads; review in SOUNDS - February 4, 1978

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