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Andy & Stewart drive to Munich / Sting drives back to England
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Date: 1977-10-22
Location: Paris -> Munich / Paris -> London
Attendees: Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, Sting

Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland drive from Paris to Munich in a hired car - it took them 14 hours to get to Eberhard Schoener's house.

Sting has to bring back Andy's car to the UK.

Wayne County drummer JJ Johnson remembers:

"Sting and myself travelled back from Paris to the Sea ferry in Calais in a small Citroen car hired by The Police for the " Tour " and were really "Pissed off" and debated the situation for most of the journey, praising each others playing even debating about getting together for a " Musical Jam", (Obviously it didn't happen ! )

I think, Stewart and Andy Summers travelled from Paris on to Germany to do some work and gigs with a German composer, and Sting was going to travel from England to join them later.

Sting drove on to the Ferry, and I left Sting at the Dockside as I had to wait for the rest of 'The Electric Chairs' to travel back to a later Ferry in Calais in the bandwagon, as they had my passport, ticket, etc. After several hours, "by sheer chance" I spotted the Bandwagon over in the distance and chased it for about a quarter of a mile, running through several checkpoints and onto the ship !

And we all returned to England !

What a Mess !"

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source: Police File No. 17, JJ Johnson, Stewart Copeland's diaries

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