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1977 10 20 21 flyer.jpg
a flyer for the Paris concerts - provided by ebay seller
1977 10 ad.jpg
an ad for this concert in Rock & Folk - November 1977
Performance summary
Artist performing: Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
Tour: 1977 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs Tour
Venue: Nashville
Location: Paris, France
Support acts: The Police
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1977-10-20, The Police performed at the Nashville in Paris, France.


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Of three planned French concerts together with Wayne County & The Electric Chairs The Police only played this one today.

The Police get kicked out of their hotel and check in at the "Hotel des Mines" - close to the Jardin du Luxembourg.

As Wayne County's drummer JJ Johnson remembers, the tour promoter was not pleased with this Paris gig and cancelled the 2nd Paris gig on 1977-10-21 and the one in Lyon on 1977-10-23 (plus some forthcoming Italy gigs).

Stewart wrote in his diary that there was no promotion and no audience, but the gig was good anyway.

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sources: Rock & Folk - November 1977, The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles (and other books follow this) about this date, Police File No. 17, JJ Johnson, Stewart Copeland's diaries

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