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The Police travel from London to Paris
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Date: 1977-08-03
Location: London, England, UK -> Paris, France
Attendees: The Police, The Maniacs, The Boys, The Sean Tyla Gang, journalists

The Police travelled from London to Paris, France (a 12 hour journey, as a journalist described).

The organization had organized a Buffalo Travel bus for the lesser known bands and journalists from London. They stayed at the Sudotel in Paris for the night.

Alan Lee Shaw of The Maniacs remembered this on Unplugged2, a French online punk fanzine (used with the author's permission):

"I think the Clash, the Damned and The Jam went by aeroplane to the festival. Anyway, the Maniacs went on a hired coach from London. On the coach with us were also The Police. The Boys and The Sean Tyla Gang and the journalists Allan Jones (Melody Maker) and Giovanni Dadomo (Sounds) Plus Sounds photographer Ian Dickson (also the new manager of the Maniacs) We stopped over in Paris for the night in some cheap Hostel and then next morning we drove down to the south of France to Mont de Marsan. It was a long and very hot journey which I remember well, a lot of our entourage were taking speed (amphetamine sulphate, the fashionable drug, at the time) so as you may guess we were all pretty wired, hot and hyped up."

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary; Alan Lee Shaw; Melody Maker - August 13, 1977; Punk Sur La Ville! Le Premier Festival Punk De L'Histoire

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