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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PHOTOGRAPH. Should be a photo taken at that concert, or a ticket stub scan, or something similarly identifying of the event.
Performance summary
Artist performing: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Tour: 1977 Cherry Vanilla Tour
Venue: Birmingham University
Location: Birmingham, England, UK
Support acts: Cherry Vanilla, The Police
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1977-03-11, The Police performed at Birmingham University in Birmingham, England, UK.


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Recording information

As per the story below, apparently John Taylor of Duran Duran has a recording of this concert.


John Taylor - future bass player of Duran Duran - was in attendance at this performance and in fact made a cassette recording of it.

He describes the following incident in his autobiography, In The Pleasure Groove, published in 2012:

  The first time I saw ... (Johnny) Thunders's magic was onstage 
at Birmingham University. The opening act was a band I had not heard
of before, The Police. At that time I would sneak a cassette recorder 
into every gig I went to, and I set the machine to record when they 
began to play, even though I had no idea who they were. It was quite
possible a band you had never heard of yesterday could become
your favorite band tomorrow.

  The singer with The Police also played bass, which struck me as
quite clever and quite "un-punk." After the second number, he struck
up a rapport with the audience of mostly students. A little too 
familiar, I remember thinking at the time, not knowing then that 
Sting had been a teacher and spoke "student" way better than he would
ever speak "punk."

Sting: We've got the Heartbreakers coming on next.
 (Cheer from me and one or two others)
Sting: They can't play, you know.
Me: Fuck off!
Sting: Who said "Fuck off"?
Me: I did. (all of this going down onto the cassette tape)
Sting: It's true. They're great guys but they can't play.
Me: Fuck off, you wanker!
Sting: You'll see. This next song is called "Fall Out"! 1 2 3 4...

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