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Sting performs on the SS Oriana
1985 SS Oriana Neil Whitmore.jpg
The SS Oriana in 1985 - provided by Neil Whitmore
Date: 1976-07-27
Location: SS Oriana
Attendees: Sting, Gerry Richardson, Ronnie Pearson

Sting is playing standards as part of the Ronnie Pearson Trio (not Last Exit!) to entertain an elderly audience on a cruise aboard the SS Oriana - according to Broken Music they played 3 times a day..

The ship left Southampton on 1976-07-17. The cruise went past the Biskaya, Gibraltar, the Balearic Islands, Sicily and the Greek Islands to Izmir, Turkey. According to crew member Neil Whitmore and similar itineraries from other SS Oriana journeys the cruise should have lasted at least two weeks.

In Broken Music Sting mentioned that they returned to Southampton at the end of the summer.

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source: Broken Music pp. 202 ff