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1976 05 10 flyer concept.jpg
an improvised flyer for the two Quartier Latin concerts
1976 05 10 flyer receipt.jpg
a receipt for Curved Air's salary for today's Quartier Latin concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: Curved Air
Tour: 1975-1976 Curved Air performances
Venue: Quartier Latin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Support acts: ??
Ticket prices: 7,50 DM

On 1976-05-10, Curved Air performed at the Quartier Latin in Berlin, Germany.


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There's a handwritten contract between Curved Air's German concert agency and the local promoter that both verbally agreed to today's second Quartier Latin performance. Handwritten notes and a receipt show that the concert took place in front of 333 people, resulting in 3500 DM for Curved Air.

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source: improvised flyer, handwritten contract, handwritten notes, receipt

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