1957 Fender Precision

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Fender Precision
Artist: Sting
Band or ensemble: The Police / Sting
Time gear used: YYYY - YYYY


Sting bought the 1957 Fender Precision in 1993.

Danny Quatrochi remembers that the 1957 bass was hired for Sting's Demolition Man video shoot in California. Sting bought it right away and immediately wanted to use it for a concert.

The production year of that bass has been listed as 1953 or 1954 in various magazines. 2000-03 Bass Player mentions that Fender made an exact replica of that instrument including all its holes and missing paint.

Gear breakdown

By 1993-09-28 the pick-up cover was removed, while the bridge cover was still in place.

In January 1994 the bridge cover was gone.

By 2004 the white pickguard had been removed.

It has been his main bass for recent years, with a 1954 Fender Precision used only as a backup. On various images of the bass the tug bar underneath the strings has changed its position, that's probably caused by just one screw holding it (so it can rotate around that).

By 2017 Danny Quatrochi described the bass as having a pickup from the Seymour Duncan custom shop. That would be a P-Bass stacked pickup model Rev1. The bass had DR Low Rider nickel strings 40, 60, 80, 100.

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