Wrapped Around Your Finger (video)

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"Wrapped Around Your Finger"
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Artist: The Police
Directed by: Godley & Creme
Produced by: PRODUCER
Filming location: Los Angeles, CA, USA - Charlie Chaplin soundstage at A&M headquarters
Released: YYYY
Running time: X:XX

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Godley and Creme came up with the idea to run the video at double speed while the playback would also be played at double speed - resulting in a slow motion effect for the final product.

Together with cinematographer Daniel Pearl they contacted Larry Barton to create the first ever high speed crystal controlled box which was the birth of the double speed technique for music videos.

The video was shot in 16mm. As the video for Every Breath You Take had been very expensive the idea was to make the Wrapped Around Your Finger video in a cheaper way. Cinematographer Daniel Pearl decided to shoot the 100 ASA negative at 50 fps, which resulted in the need for the double amount of light. So in addition to the candles there was some additional lighting overhead.

After a 12 hour day of shooting Sting insisted on paying for more work on the video out of his own pocket, which the video producers didn't allow. They all agreed to do one more take on the same day. Godley and Creme talked to Sting and told Daniel Pearl to film the next take handheld, follow Sting wherever he went and continue filming whatever happened. That was the take with Sting knocking over candles.


According to Fiona Fitzherbert's recollections in Mix magazine from April 1984 they shot Stewart Copeland first, who then returned to London. Andy Summers did his scenes before leaving for New York. Sting was the last to be filmed.

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sources: Rockbill - June 1983; Mix magazine - April 1984