The Musical Brain

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For this documentary Sting's brain was scanned in an MRI to see how it reacts to various songs.

"The Musical Brain"
DVD cover
Artist: Sting, Wyclef Jean, Michael Bublé, ...
Directed by: Christina Pochmursky
Produced by: Vanessa Dylyn
Edited by: Michael Pike
Filming location(s): Montreal, QC, Canada - McGill University
Initial release date: 2009-01-31 (Canada)
Running time: 45 minutes
Label: LABEL
IMDB link: The Musical Brain on

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On 2007-07-25 Sting had his brain scanned at McGill University while listening to music, even while imagining or composing music. Months later he and Dr. Daniel Levitin discussed the results.

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
The Musical Brain DVD.jpg 2009-01-31 USA DVD (Region 1 / NTSC) English Special features
Das musikalische Gehirn DVD.jpg 2011-01-28 Germany DVD (Region 2 / PAL) German / English none

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