Retail Therapy, "La Jolla"

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Retail Therapy, "La Jolla"
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Basic information
Composed by: Stewart Copeland
Composed in: 2008
Length: XX minutes
Premiere date: 2009-08-21
Premiere venue: MCASD Sherwood Auditorium
Premiere location: La Jolla, CA, USA


Retail Therapy, "La Jolla" is a composition written by Stewart Copeland commissioned by the La Jolla Music Society for Summerfest 2009. It premiered on 2009-08-21.

Composed while traveling with The Police during the 2007-2008 Reunion Tour, the piece was described by Stewart as "written in hotel rooms as an escape from the Rock Monster that ate 2008. I was on tour with my band and found solace in friendly emporiums across the land. This tune is one of the least strange objects that ended up in my suitcase." (Summerfest program)

Also called variously "Retail Therapy," "Retail Therapy: La Jolla," and "Retail Therapy/La Jolla," the composition is listed in the official program as "Retail Therapy, "La Jolla"."


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Performance history

  • 2009-08-21: Premiere at the La Jolla Music Society Summerfest, MCASD Sherwood Auditorium, La Jolla, California, USA.

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  • Performance program. "La Jolla Music Society Summerfest." Summerfest, La Jolla, California, 2009.