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Public Zone
an ad for Naive in Melody Maker - November 5, 1977
Background information
Origin: members of the band Metro + Stewart Copeland
Years active: 1977
Label(s): Logo Records
Associated acts: Metro, Stewart Copeland
Website: URL
Former members
Peter Godwin, Sean Lyons, Tony Adams, Florian Pilkington-Miksa, Stewart Copeland

Band history

After making records under the band name Metro in 1977 Sean Lyons and Peter Godwin formed a band called Public Zone which was short of a drummer. Sean Lyons had previously lived in a house in Barnes with Stewart Copeland and asked him to play on their first single.

Being produced by Hugh Murphy they recorded the songs Naive and Innocence at Sarm East Studios on 1977-09-11 (after rehearsing them the previous day). Stewart was asked to join the band, but he continued with his own little band The Police. The record was released in late October / early November 1977.

The official band line up was Peter Godwin, Sean Lyons, Tony Adams and Florian Pilkington-Miksa. The band never performed live as Peter Godwin and Sean Lyons chose to continue making music under their old band name Metro.

Band members


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Studio albums

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